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Attractive icons
February 16th, 2009 
01:42 am - Sex and Violence
sv: clark trying to get up
Icons galore! :O ZOMG! I made a bunch of icons, it's just different coloring techniques, I messed around with these a lot, and I attempted to write text on some of these :p I hope you all like them :)

[56] Supernatural: 4x14 Sex and Violence
[112] Supernatural: 4x06 Yellow Fever
[18] Gilmore Girls: 3x07 They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
[35] Smallville: 6x02 Sneeze

[x] comment
[x] credit
[x] no hotlinking! please.
[x] textless icons are not bases (if you want me to add text to an icon ask and I will be more than happy to)
[x] enjoy!

TEASERS: spnsv__9.png spnyf__25 gg11 svs0013

strippers sammy! strippers!Collapse )
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